Adventures of Volkan Ger

Hello, this is Volkan. I am from the Constitution State. My déformation professionnelle makes me seek for better UX everywhere. Eventhough I'm an eCommerce geek and mobile enthusiast, I still support local businesses.

Call me (2607)VOLKAN
Yes, that's a real number.

Volkan Ger, Product Manager

Seasoned Product Manager with vast eCommerce experience

I don't like eCommerce, so that's why I'm working to make it better! Starting from the little details of user experience to data security and privacy, I care about enabling brands to provide the right experience to consumers.




On the personal side

Full time geek

Actually, I love what I do for work. So, my personal life is somewhat mixed with my professional life.

Newest technology

Like to stay in the know. Might be the foldable phone, or the latest Gitlab update.


Stock market fan here! A little bit of crypto as well. Or good old treasury bonds.


Mother language might be Turkish, but I always like to learn new languages. My secondary was Deutsch, but now it's Español!


I don't do loan. Instead, I simply don't buy anything until I save enough. Let's see what we gonna do when it's time for mortgage!

In the air

Yes! My fiance bought me a drone for new years!

I have a simple mission: don't crash the drone, and don't cause any harm to my surroundings. Also, capture some awesome footage!

See how I fly!

What they said

These comments are 100% biased, and paid for.

Let’s create something extraordinary

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